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AWGA - Frequently Asked Questions

Member Services

Q: How do I become an AWGA member?
The Arizona Women's Golf Association has over 300 participating clubs. To become an AWGA member you have a couple different options:

1. Join as a Recreational member, which is an individual membership where you will receive publications, access to sign up for seminars, events, and programs. This does not enable you to carry a USGA Handicap Index or allow you to post scores.

2. Join an AWGA participating club. There are two ways you can join a participating club:

a. You can join through the course itself by going in person or calling and saying you would like to join the ladies club and they will get you all set up.

b. Go to and create a profile on My eGolfBag. From there, go to the "Quick Links" on the right side of the page, and click "Join a Club". This will give you options of clubs that are within a 50 mile radius of the zip code you live in.

As a club member of the AWGA you will be able to post scores and carry a USGA Handicap Index. We highly recommend joining the club where you play the majority of your golf.
Q: How do I start an AWGA club?
A: In order to start an AWGA club you must have 10 members who have a reasonable opportunity to play golf with one another. The certification standards and Handicap Committee structure must meet the criteria established in the USGA Handicap System Manual. Please call the AWGA office to speak with an AWGA Staff member who can give you more information on how we can proceed further to start your AWGA affiliate club.
Q: I made hole-in-one, how do I report it?
You can send us an email, or call us at the AWGA office with:
  • your name
  • date of hole in one
  • the course the hole in one was made
  • hole number
  • hole yardage
  • club you used

    In return, the AWGA will:
  • Put your name and HIO info in our AWGA Newslinks newsletter
  • Send you a certificate of congratulations - suitable for framing
  • If you send us a picture, we will put that in an issue of our AWGA electronic Newsblast

  • Q: If my address, email, or phone number changed how do I change it?
    A: Please inform the AWGA with your changes. You can manually change it through your AWGA profile on My eGolfBag. It is important to keep all your information up to date for publications, handicap revisions, and mailings.
    Q: How do I log into my eGolfBag?
    A: The AWGA set up My eGolfBag for members to have a place they can sign onto to post scores, sign up for tournaments, seminars, programs, volunteer, and various other features. It is your personal AWGA profile for your use. To set up your eGolf Bag, go to and click on "Click Here" to sign up. Enter your information in the spaces provided and click Find Me. You will need to create a password and enter your profile information. Click Submit and you will be taken to your eGolfBag profile with all the information necessary to post scores and sign up for AWGA events.
    Q: What do I do if I have two AWGA (GHIN) numbers?
    This is a common occurrence and it is an easy fix. Contact the AWGA office and we can merge your AWGA (GHIN) numbers so you have one number, no matter how many clubs you belong to. When you contact the AWGA you should give us both of your GHIN numbers and tell us which AWGA (GHIN) number you want to KEEP.

    The only time a player will carry two AWGA numbers is when they belong to both a 9-hole and an 18-hole league.


    Q: What does the ''R'' mean after my Handicap Index?
    A: The R after your Handicap Index stands for Reduced and it means that you were Reduced for exceptional tournament play. This process is built into the handicap system and is recalculated at each revision. When you play in a tournament and shoot a score significantly lower than your handicap (and do it more than once), you are eligible for a reduction because you demonstrated the ability to shoot better scores than your handicap reflects. If your T-scores are significantly lower than your current, calculated Handicap Index so the system has reduced your index to be more in line with your true abilities. The math behind this process are detailed in section 10-3 of the USGA Handicap System, which you can see here:

    How long it lasts depends upon the calculated index, which is based on the scores the golfer has posted, what the two low tournament differentials are and how many tournament games the golfer has posted over the last 12 months. To be clear, this is not a penalty, but rather part of the formula for calculating a player's Handicap Index. If you feel this reduction is not warranted, you can speak to your Handicap Chair about removing or modifying the reduction.
    Q: How do I obtain a USGA Handicap Index?
    You will first need to join any AWGA participating club or a league in Arizona. You can do this by calling or going in person to the course/club and they will provide the information necessary to join the AWGA. You can also go to our website -, and join a club online by creating a profile and finding a club near you.

    Once this step has been completed and you have posted a minimum of 5 scores to your scoring record your Handicap Index will be calculated. Once you have an handicap index established, the USGA Handicap System will use your 20 most recent scores for your handicap calculation. You will receive a eRevision email on the 1st and 15th of every month.
    Q: When does my Handicap Index get changed?
    A: Your USGA Handicap Index gets revised the 1st and 15th of every month. You will receive a handicap revision email with your 20 most recent scores and your revised handicap index. It reflects the scores that you posted within the revision dates each month.

    Posting Scores

    Q: I belong to another association out of state, do I have to post my scores twice?
    A: No you do not have to post your scores twice unless you belong to an association that cannot be linked to the AWGA. The AWGA is an active member of the IGN and if your out-of-state association participates as well, your scoring records can be linked and the scores will be routed automatically. Inquire with your club Handicap Chairperson or call the AWGA to get this set up.
    Q: How do I post scores online?
    A: You can post scores online through the AWGA website. If you have already set-up your AWGA profile, simply log into your eGolfBag and click "post scores" next to the name of your club.
    Q: Do I need to post a score if I played a best ball scramble?
    A: No, you may only post scores when the majority of the round was played under the Rules of Golf.
    Q: I made a mistake while posting my score(s), what do I do?
    A: Contact your Handicap Chairman of the club you belong to or contact the AWGA.


    Q: How do I withdraw from a tournament?
    A: CALL THE AWGA OFFICE at (602) 253-5655 or (800) 442-2942. If calling outside of business hours, please leave a detailed message - voice mail is checked daily. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE GOLF COURSE TO WITHDRAW. If a partner must cancel due to a medical or personal emergency, the remaining partner may choose a replacement partner. The replacement partner requires approval by the Tournament Operations Manager/Committee. All cancellation/ refund policies in the AWGA Directory apply.
    Q: How do I sign up for a USGA Qualifier event?
    A: The only way to sign up for USGA Qualifier's and Tournaments is online. As an AWGA member, they ask for your Handicap Index and the contact information of your Handicap Chairman so she can verify this information. If you do not have this information, please call the AWGA office.
    Q: What does "CALL" mean next to an AWGA Tournament to sign up for?
    A: This means that the tournament is not open yet to sign up and you can call the AWGA office to get the entry open date to sign up and get more information.