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Handicap Certification
Certified Handicap Representative

As the licensed Association in Arizona for computing, certifying and issuing USGA Handicap Indices, the AWGA is responsible to insure that each member club that issues Indices under its license complies with all aspects of the system, including the requirement to maintain a certified representative at each club.

The Certified Representative must:

  • Be appointed by the Club as a Certified Representative
  • Attend a Handicap Certification seminar and pass the test administered there
  • Be available to club members and the Handicap Commmittee to assist with issues concerning Handicaps

The Certified Representative may:

  • Be your club's Golf Professional (Note: the distinction between a Certified Representative and the Handicap Committee Chair, which may not be the Club Professional.)
  • Be a member of your club, or any club that plays at the same facility. (The women's club may appoint a member of the men's club as their Certified Representative, and vice-a-versa)

If you are not certain whether or not your club has a Certified Representative, please contact your club Handicap Committee Chair.

Become Handicap Certified by attending a Handicap & Rules Seminar. Click here to register