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USGA Publications
Below is a listing of USGA publications you can order through the Arizona Women's Golf Association:

  • The Rules of Golf: Maintaining the Rules of Golf is the most important function of the USGA. Knowing the Rules can help you save strokes = $.30.

  • The Rules of Golf Large Print Edition The Rules presented in large type for easy reading and studying. = $8.00

  • Golf Rules Illustrated = $20.00

  • Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2016-2017: The most current answers to your Rules questions are in a compact volume = $10.00

  • Snoopy & Friends address the Rules of Golf = $.40

  • A Quick Guide to the rules of golf = $.50

  • How to Conduct a Competition: This concise booklet outlines everything you need to know to stage a USGA style event. It covers course preparation and marking, pairings, scoring, Local Rules, referees, weather problems and much more. = $8.00

  • The USGA Handicap System 2016-2017: This manual will answer any of your questions about every aspect of handicapping. This system is followed by thousands of golf clubs and can help make all your golf games as equitable as possible. = $3.00

  • The USGA Handicap System Reference Guide A handy booklet with Course handicap tables, FAQ's, and many different topics = $1.80

  • Handicap System Section 5-2g How to post a score from an unrated set of tees on a rated course. = $.50

  • Handicapping the Un-handicapped(USGA): This helpful pamphlet outlines four alternative handicapping methods for a novice or occasional golfers. = $1.00

    Please email Susan Woods to order at