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1. What is PLAY9?

Since 2014, the USGA's PLAY9 program has been actively educating and rallying golfers around the concept of the nine-hole round as an important, yet simple, solution to address their busy lifestyles and everyday lives. We feel PLAY9 is critically important to the game and its health in that it promotes a time-friendly option. We all know the time it takes to a complete a round is frequently cited by golfers as a barrier to their participation.

2. When are 2016 PLAY9 Play Days?

Official PLAY9 Play Days are on the ninth day of each month.

  • July 9
  • August 9
  • September 9
  • October 9

    3. Where are there PLAY9 events around me?

    You can follow this link to find courses holding PLAY9 days around you: PLAY9 Locations

    4. Follow this link to learn more about PLAY9: PLAY9 Information

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