Arizona Women's Golf Association

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The AWGA is a 501(c)(3) public charity


About/Contact Us
Arizona Women's Golf Association
PO Box 15055
Scottsdale, AZ 85267




Our Mission is to inspire and encourage women to engage in the game of golf.

Our Vision is to make sure all women have the opportunity to experience the joys of golf
in every stage of life.


Our Core Values

  • Integrity- Employ honest and ethical practices in all operations and interactions.
  • Equality & Inclusiveness - All golfers are created equal. We will serve each woman who is or aspires to be a golfer, regardless of her skill level; whether she is a member at a high end country club, or an online public club; regardless of race, regardless of age; regardless.
  • Respect - A women entering the world of golf, often feels that she does not belong, that she is not respected as a golfer. We will respect women as golfers.
  • Teamwork - Women are natural collaborators. This is a strength that the game of golf needs, and we will work to enhance the collaborative efforts of our golf community.
  • Service - Golf as a recreational, amateur sport, is first and fore-most a service industry. We will be of service, to golfers, to clubs, to our community.
  • Commitment - We will demonstrate true caring for the game and for the work that we do. Whether we are paid staff, volunteer staff, or volunteer leaders, we are committed to delivering on our promises.

    Equal Employment and Non-Discrimination
    The AWGA is an equal opportunity employer, and does not to discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, genetic information or national origin.

    USGA Accreditation's

    • The AWGA is licensed by the USGA to issue Course Ratings to golf courses throughout Arizona. Based on a set schedule, the courses across Arizona are rated by the AWGA to establish the USGA Course Rating and Slope Ratings for multiple sets of tees for play by women, allowing scores made on those courses to be posted for Handicap purposes.
    • The AWGA is licensed by the USGA to administer USGA Handicap Indexes to golfers in Arizona.
    • AWGA Clubs are licensed through their membership to issue USGA Handicaps for their members.
    • The AWGA is designated by the USGA to conduct the Sectional Qualifiers for the US Women's Open, the US Women's Amateur, and the US Women's Four-Ball Championships.
    • The AWGA is designated by the USGA to oversee the Rules of Amateur Status in our State, including reviewing and processing applications for reinstatement of amateur status.
    • The AWGA is the Association designated by the USGA to select the Women's USGA State Team which represents Arizona in this national tournament.
    • The AWGA is an authorized agency for issuing USGA Handicap Certification obtained by attending an AWGA Handicap Certification Seminar and passing the certification test.
    • The AWGA staff and volunteer Rules Committee are experts in interpreting the Rules of Golf as established by the USGA.