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State Seniors Championship

2017 State Seniors Championship - Rio Verde Country Club White Wing Course - September 17 - 19

State Seniors Championship
Year Champion Results Year Champion Results
2016Kim EatonFull Results 2015 Kim EatonFull Results
2014Kim Eaton Full Results 2013 Kim EatonFull Results
2012 Liz WaynickFull Results 2011 Kim Eaton Full Results
2010 Kim Eaton Full Results 2009 Kim Eaton Full Results
2008 Cindy Bryniarski Full Results 2007 Barbara Byrnes Full Results
2006 Judy Miller No Results found 2005 Barbara Byrnes Full Results
2004 Barbara Byrnes Full Results 2003 Chris Holian Full Results
2002 Chris Holian Full Results 2001 Tina Huiskamp Full Results
2000 Etsu Suzuki Full Results 1999 Etsu Suzuki Full Results
1998 Cindy Carroll Full Results 1997 Cindy Carroll Full Results
1996 Nicole Tombs Full Results 1995 Nicole Tombs Full Results
1994 Etsu Suzuki Full Results 1993 Barbara Trinen Full Results
1992 Linda Farmin No Results found 1991 Donna Cunning Full Results
1990 Ruth Parker Full Results 1989 Ruth Parker Full Results
1988 Donna Cunning Full Results 1987 Donna Cunning Full Results
1986 Donna Cunning No Results found 1985 Donna Cunning No Results found
1984 Bobbie Hartson No Results found 1983 No Tournament
1982 Mae Guernsey No Results found 1981 Lynn Bollermann No Results found
1980 Bobbie HarstonNo Results found 1979 Merle WindattNo Results found
1978 Leila TurnerNo Results found 1977 Merle WindattNo Results found
1976 Jane BakerNo Results found 1975 Merle WindattNo Results found
1974 Mae GuernseyNo Results found 1973 Mae GuernseyNo Results found
1972 Mae GuernseyNo Results found 1971 Mae GuernseyNo Results found
1970 Mary Lou SkokNo Results found 1969 Madge HammonNo Results found
1968 Alta HaffordNo Results found 1967 Alta HaffordNo Results found
1966 Mary Lou SkokNo Results found 1965 Alta HaffordNo Results found
1964 Madge HammonNo Results found 1963 Madge HammonNo Results found

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