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Mixed Stix

2017 Mixed Stix - Oakcreek Country Club - July 22 - 23

Mixed Stix
Year Gross Net Results
2016 Kim Eaton
Steve Dallas
Jennifer Turner
Phillip Turner
Full Results
2015 Becky Sun
Phil Phinney
Yvette Gonzales
Chip McCann
Full Results
2014 Lauren Todd
Steve Bramwell
Mary Brownlee
Don Brownlee
Full Results
2013 Lauren Todd
Ryan Mariano
Yvonne Brooks
David Bagwell
Full Results
2012 Lauren Todd
Ryan Mariano
Barbara Lail
Charles Lail
Full Results
2011 Judy Miller
Ed Gowan
Colleen Ritter
Thomas Bezrutezyk
Full Results
2010 Judy Miller
Ed Gowan
Kristi Reckard
John Reckard
Full Results
2009 Judy Miller
Ed Gowan
Michelle Hansen
Todd Hansen
Full Results
2008 Judy Miller
Ed Gowan
Mary Smits
Ted Smits
Full Results
2007 Barbara Byrnes
Dave Barnes
Mary Pomroy
Steve Pomroy
No Results found
2006 Darquise LeDuc
Brent Koenig
Terry Greenslade
Paul Chapman
Full Results
2005 Christine Bench
Scott Bench
Judy Gayok
Ted Gayok and
Angela Lekow
Bernd Lekow
Full Results

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